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What the people say cont...

'This class has been one the of the highlights of F's week this past year. She talks about it and plays the rhythms all the time at home.' R.M - Samba Groovers parent

'This class is amazing. Lily has an absolutely lovely and engaging manner with the children. The activities are fun and educational. J is really sad when we have to miss a class.'

A.A - Eglinton Children's Centre parent

'I am really impressed with this class. It's fantastic for my 2 year old and 6 month old as they can access it at different levels. Lily is amazing. She is a very calm and enthusiastic person who delivers sessions that are very personal, interactive and fun. It's refreshing to move away from nursery rhymes and hear music being played well. Thank you very much!' J.P - Eglinton Children's Centre parent

'I'm just so impressed with this class. M has attended and enjoyed others but this one challenges and entertains him in a really lovely unthreatening environment.'

M.S - Samba Groovers parent

'This is an absolutely awesome class. I enjoy it at least as much as my toddlers. Wish it ran more often.'

H - Eglinton Children's Centre parent

'I like singing the rounds the best. It's great that it's not the usual nursery rhymes and involves world music. It's really enjoyable for parent and child.' E.S - Eglinton Children's Centre parent

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