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What the teachers say...

Lily May’s workshops were outstanding – just what we had hoped for. Her manner with the children was spot on. She had taken on board our theme and worked out a perfect workshop with a mix of story running through, singing, percussion instruments, acting and puppets. We would absolutely love to work with her again.'

A.P - Bickley Park School

'Active and engaging. A really good mixture of body percussion and musical instruments. Lots of amazing ideas for us teachers to take on into our own  music lessons.' – Maidenbower school

'Really like the session with the children as she built up their skills throughout the lesson, rather than just diving straight in. It was also well paced.' Sparhawk Infant and nursery

'Very big thank you for the great workshops today.  I've had fantastic feedback from the other teachers and everyone has really enjoyed the day.' CW – Fairfield School

On CPD Sessions...

'Lily was fab with the children. All the staff said how engaged the children were throughout their entire session. Lily packed so much in with such energy, even down to the last session.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and I absolutely will not hesitate to recommend.'

Lickey End Primary school

'After seeing Lily's workshop I was totally inspired. I wanted to go back and use some of the newly learned techniques with the children immediately! Anyway to reflect on practice the children loved it! I work in an area of extreme deprivation and the children are shy and reserved. I began to sing with them and clap a pulse... I introduced the shakers [and] the children transformed and became confident and alive even standing up and marching around the room; it transformed them and completely overwhelmed me....


...that half an hour workshop has transformed me as a practitioner.’

S.B – Nursery Practitioner, Doncaster

'Brilliant workshop - lots of ideas for teaching music - felt very inspired.'

'Lily's percussion workshop was enlightening and brilliantly practical. I am excited about going back to school and trying out her songs and time with instruments.'

'The workshop gave quick, practical activities to fit in and adapt to a school day as well as ideas to use towards arts week. Useful and ‘feel-good’ for the most part but appropriately challenging!' Sparhawk Infant and Nursery

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