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Hit the Ground Drumming workshops aim to give children the best possible start in music, developing a foundation of skills and understanding to progress confidently when learning instruments and participating in ensemble playing.

Much importance is placed on movement, singing and internalising rhythm (drummers are, more often than not, fantastic dancers too). Music is taught from the inside out. Lessons are interactive, practical, carefully planned and of course, lots of fun.


We use Brazilian samba and folk styles as our principal musical backdrop to explore rhythm and movement... Why?

The culture of playing Brazilian music is often one of inclusivity. It is the privilege of all regardless of age, background or ability. It is about pride in the individual and the strength of the community.


Brazilian music fuses indigenous, African and European musical traditions which result in an exciting rhythmical whirlpool of styles, patterns and songs. Samba is just the start.


There is an immediate sense of excitement and fulfilment when playing Brazilian percussion that inspires confidence and can nurture a strong passion for all music-making.

Hit the Ground Drumming - About - learning to play tamborim

Hit the Ground Drumming was set up in 2014 by percussionist and performer

Lily May






(read more about Lily)

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Clients to Date

Angela East Cello School, BangDrum Ltd, Beat Goes On, Central Greenwich Children's Centres, CM Sounds Community Music College, Coburg Primary school, Curumim, Dog Kennel Hill Primary school, LLC Pre-school, Margaret's Music Ltd, Nell Gwynn Nursery, Normaton Playgroup, Southwark Children's Centres, St Andrews Community Nursery, St Catherines Church, The Horniman, The Place, Torridon Primary School, Umbela Arts, Slade Children's Centre, Rotherhithe Primary School

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