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If you're looking for Samba Groovers or Yr3-4 Samba, check the drop down menu from the Resources tab

Hit the Ground Drumming recommends...

Brasil for Children - Grupo Triii - Book and album

Published by Peiropolis

A collection of truly inspiring Brazilian songs for children (with English translations). Full of beautiful melodies, clapping games and simple harmonies

Bright Sparks, Flying Sparks and other Sparks

Steve Grocott - CD/Booklets

Superb collections of songs for children of all ages, the scope goes deep as do the fish

Partimpim Dois - Adriana Partimpim

A fabulous album using a mixture of authentic Brazilian rhythms and songs with playful electronic sounds, really good for kids (and grown-ups)

Palavras Cantadas (Pauleco e Sandreca) - Various albums

These are prolific musicians that have recorded many quirky and great albums for young children


Popular, discerning music collections from around the world

Check 'Brazilian Playground' and 'Brasileiro'

Brasileiro - Sergio Mendes

Grammy award winning album. This is a classic and has some wonderful examples of drum conversation

Os Afro Sambas - Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes

A mesmorising album of softly powerful songs, an early recording of the fusion between Afro-Euro Brazilian music.

All recommendations are available to purchase online


Pomar by Pauleco e Sandreca -  a sweet song about Brazilian fruits and their trees

Canta Canta Minha Gente - Martinho da Vila (Music only)

'Sing sing my people, leave your sadness behind'

Bim Bom Bim - Adriana Partimpim and Olodum (Music only)

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