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Music for children aged 5 - 11

Hit the Ground Drumming works in primary education settings providing drumming workshops, ensemble leading, class teaching and musical experience days.

Musical Experience & Drum Workshops

Memorable, interactive, high-energy sessions, exploring rhythmical music making through movement, singing and percussion playing.

Recent workshops have included the themes: Carnival, The Caribbean, Around the World, Body Percussion, Under the Sea, Afro-Brazilian Samba & The Road to Rio...

'Active and engaging. A really good mixture of body percussion and musical instruments. Lots of amazing ideas for us teachers to take on into our own  music lessons.' – Maidenbower school

Percussion Clubs & Ensembles

An opportunity for children to lay a strong musical foundation that greatly enhances skills for all instrument playing, and can turn into a lifelong source of enjoyment.

Musical repertoire is developed over time allowing children the space to grow their understanding of rhythmic language and musical arrangements.

Hit the Ground Drumming clubs and ensembles

aim to develop:

  • Understanding of pulse, movement and song - how our bodies interact with music

  • Co-ordination and musical freedom: singing, playing and moving (yes, all at once)

  • Percussion instruments: technique, timbre and dynamics

  • Ensemble playing: structure and phrasing, listening and communication, leading and independence

  • Cultural context: the origins and journey of rhythms and playing styles

  • Musicality and creativity: composition and improvisation

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