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Music for children aged 5 - 11

Hit the Ground Drumming works in primary schools providing lunch and after-school percussion clubs, Brazilian drumming workshops, class teaching and musical experience days.

Musical Experience & Drum Workshops

Memorable, interactive, high-energy sessions, exploring rhythmical music making through movement, singing and percussion playing.

Recent workshops have included the themes: Carnival, The Caribbean, Around the World, Body Percussion, Under the Sea, Afro-Brazilian Samba & The Road to Rio...

"Lily May’s workshops were outstanding – just what we had hoped for. Her manner with the children was spot on. She had taken on board our theme and worked out a perfect workshop with a mix of story running through, singing, percussion instruments, acting and puppets. We would absolutely love to work with her again."

Anita Park, Head Teacher - Bickley Park School

Percussion Clubs & Ensembles

Currently running at Dog Kennel Hill and Rotherhithe primary schools.

An opportunity for children to lay a strong musical foundation that greatly enhances skills for all instrument playing, and can turn into a lifelong source of enjoyment.

Musical repertoire is developed over time allowing children the space to grow their understanding of rhythmic language and musical arrangements.

Clubs and Ensembles aim to develop:

  • Understanding of pulse, movement and song - how our bodies interact with music

  • Co-ordination and musical freedom: singing, playing and moving (yes, all at once)

  • Percussion instruments: technique, timbre and dynamics

  • Ensemble playing: structure and phrasing, listening and communication, leading and independence

  • Cultural context: the origins and journey of rhythms and playing styles

  • Musicality and creativity: composition and improvisation

Musical repertoire is inspired by the music of north-east Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and the Caribbean.  

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