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Music and movement workshops for children aged 2 - 5 featuring dance, rhythm and song from Brazil and beyond!

Samba Groovers sessions offer a stimulating introduction to music-making. Children are guided through a range of musical experiences singing, moving and playing hand-percussion.

With the help of Baby Blue (a Brazilian Macaw), we set off across a world of rhythm and deep in the forest we discover the conversations of the drums.







Samba Groovers ran successfully as a termly program for children's centres, nurseries and early years settings from 2015 to 2019. 

'This class has been one the of the highlights of F's week this past year. She talks about it and plays the rhythms all the time at home.' R.M - Samba Groovers parent

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Developmental Benefits of Samba Groovers Sessions...


  • Children express themselves through movement and dance, connecting their bodies with thought and action

  • Children develop their musicality; sense of pulse, rhythm, pitch and phrasing

  • Activities encourage healthy social interactions, and give good practise of turn-taking, listening, leading and focusing

  • Children are taken on an imaginative journey through song and rhythm, inspiring creative thought and a love of music making. 

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