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Origins of Samba

Samba music is like a really good soup. Lots of different ingredients have been added over a long period of time to create a style of music that has a deeply rich and unique flavour.


The journey of the music is connected to the history of the people of Brazil, who mainly descend from three different ethnic groups.

The original inhabitants of Brazil were the Amerindians, who still occupy protected parts of the Amazon rain forest.

500 years ago explorers and settlers from Europe (mainly portugal) sailed to Brazil.

The settlers brought with them over 4 million African slaves.

The African people were tribal people.

They had strong traditions and beliefs.

Music played a very important role in their cultures, and the traditions of instrument making, playing and singing carried on through the centuries that followed.

Back to the soup...


Samba is a music that has developed in a country of many cultural traditions.




Over the years this music has evolved and become part of Brazilian life for everyone.

Sometimes I think of it like this...

The Amerindians provided the environment, atmosphere and inspiration

The Portuguese brought their form of song, language and Cavaquinho guitar

(a prominent samba instrument)

The Africans gave the backbone of rhythm, dance and strong sense of heritage.

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